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Monkey Can’t Sleep

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This tale has been written and designed by the Long Term ventilation team at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool.

A consistent bedtime routine for children is a well-documented necessity to establish good sleeping habits for children of all ages, and this is essential to the success of starting overnight non-invasive (NIV).  Increasing use of screens and blue light emitting devices at bedtime is detrimental to the natural mechanics of sleep induction, and often we recommend bedtime reading instead as an essential activity to prepare children to go to sleep.

From our research it became clear that there were no children’s books on the market that gave context to use of NIV and we felt this would be helpful.  As a team we had experience of the advantages that came with providing books that included NIV; The Magical Mask by Direct Home Medical, but unfortunately this is no longer available in book form.  We therefore decided to develop our own book and story, which we hope will not only helps structure a good bedtime routine, but will help young children to understand the reasons that ventilation may help them.

Feedback for the book has been extremely positive, and families have found it extremely engaging and informative, helping sibling understand the need for ventilation also. We hope in the future that this may be offered out to other trusts throughout the UK, and further, and should you want further information about it, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Contact Janice Robertson – Long Term Ventilation Pathway Coordinator.

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