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pdf-logo.png Top tip for supporting children at home

All children and young people have a very important job to do. They have to grow, learn, socialise and play. Children do this every day by exploring the boundaries of their abilities. When they are successful, children and young people develop and thrive and the sense of achievement they get makes them happy.

Children’s ability to grow, learn, socialise and play can be hindered by their learning, physical, sensory, developmental, cognitive and social needs.   This can impact upon their ability to cope with everyday activities at home and at nursery/school.  This can be very difficult for children and young people and can in turn affect their self-esteem and happiness.

How can Occupational Therapists help to develop these skills?

Occupational Therapists work with children and young people to find solutions to reduce the difficulties they face and help them to get the most from life.  We support children who are experiencing difficulties with everyday skills and activities that have an impact on their daily life.

When a child or young person is referred to us we work together with parents/carers and with other healthcare and education professionals who the child or young person has a relationship with, because we recognise that these people play an important role in their lives.

We help to identify a child or young person’s difficulties in their daily life by assessing their needs, using play and purposeful activities to help them achieve their goals and become as independent as possible. We may also assess for small aids and equipment and recommend adaptations to support children and young people’s independence.

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