Other services we offer

Other services we offer

In this section you will find information about other services that Occupational Therapy offers.

Equipment and small aids

We assess and recommend specialist equipment that is supplied by social services, education and health, via Sefton Community Equipment Stores for the home, school and nursery.  This equipment is monitored regularly, checking for safety, suitability and general maintenance.

We also carry out environmental assessments for minor adaptations including stair rails, grab rails, and ramps.

We may also recommend small aids for a child or young person to use to support their daily activities, such as eating, drinking, dressing, and classroom skills.

Why does my child need equipment?

If following an appointment the Occupational Therapist has identified that your child would benefit from the provision of equipment, this will be discussed with you.  Some of the reasons that equipment is recommended include:

  • To increase your child’s independence
  • To provide postural support whilst sitting
  • To provide postural support whilst sleeping
  • To support transferring your child from one area to another, such as in/out of the bath, on/off the toilet etc.
  • To improve access e.g. in/out of home
  • To reduce manual handling
  • To improve your child’s attention and concentration during focused activities

What kind of equipment might be recommended for my child?

Depending upon the complexity of your child needs, the amount of equipment needed will vary.  Your child will be assessed for equipment that best meets their needs, and the following equipment may be recommended or provided:

  • Seating e.g. chair for home and/or school/nursery
  • Sleeping e.g. profiling bed, sleep system
  • Bathing e.g. bath seat, bath step, bath board, shower chair
  • Toileting e.g. toilet frame, toileting chair, commode
  • Manual handling e.g. slide sheets, transfer boards, hoist and slings
  • Minor adaptations e.g. grab rails, stair rails

How long will my child need the equipment for?

Depending upon your child’s needs, the length of time that your child will need the equipment for will vary. Any equipment that is provided by the Occupational Therapy service is reviewed regularly by the OT Team to assess for growth, ensure that it is safe, and that it is still meeting your child’s needs.    

If your child no longer requires the equipment, we will inform you and remove the equipment.  Alternatively if you feel that your child no longer needs this equipment, please discuss this with your child’s Occupational Therapist.

How do you assess my child for equipment?

We will assess the needs of your child through discussion with you and observation of your child to establish which equipment would best meet their needs.  Assessments are usually completed in the location where the equipment is to be issued, so this may be at home, in school, or nursery. 

Dependent upon the equipment, we may liaise with specialist equipment suppliers and complete a joint assessment with them to find the most appropriate equipment for your child to use.

If an environmental assessment is required at home, for minor adaptations such as fitting of grab or stair rails, it may also be necessary for us to liaise with other services including social services and housing services.  

What are small aids and what are they used for?

Small aids are small pieces of equipment that support your child with their everyday activities.  These are not provided by our Sefton Community Equipment Stores, and recommendations are made with the expectation that these will be purchased by home, nursery or school.

Some of the small aids we recommend include:

  • Sloped writing boards – used to support a child’s posture when writing
  • Dynamic air cushions – to improve a child’s sitting posture, to support with attention and concentration and for children who seek movement
  • Pencil grips – to encourage a more efficient pencil grasp, to alter the pressure applied when using a pencil
  • Specialist scissors – to improve grasp of scissors
  • Cutlery – to improve grasp of cutlery to encourage more efficient coordination of hands together
  • Dressing aids such as button hooks – to encourage independence when dressing

Information on small aids purchase details is coming soon.

What should I do if I have a problem with equipment?

Dependent upon the problem with the equipment you should contact your child’s Occupational Therapist or Sefton Community Equipment Stores.

You should contact your child’s Occupational Therapist if:

  • You feel your child has grown and adjustment is needed
  • Your child’s positioning needs have changed
  • The equipment is no longer used
  • If the equipment is faulty or broken, you should discontinue use of equipment immediately and inform your child’s Occupational Therapist.

You should report faulty or broken equipment to Sefton Community Equipment Stores on 0151 288 6208

How do I contact Sefton Community Equipment Stores?

Sefton Community Equipment Stores
Unit 2C
Becher’s Drive
Aintree Retail Park
L9 5AY
Tel: 0151 288 6208

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