Sensory Pathway

Sensory Pathway

In this section you can find information about our Sensory Pathway for children and young people in Sefton Community.

If you are looking for information about our Motor Skills Pathway, please click here.

What is the Sensory Pathway?

The sensory pathway is an advice and strategies only service, we do not work directly with your child.

We offer parent/carer sensory workshops to equip parents with knowledge and skills to reduce the effect that sensory processing has on their child’s daily life.  This workshop includes a presentation on ‘Understanding Sensory Processing’ followed by the opportunity to complete a problem solving exercise and to develop an action plan at the end of the session. A workbook with resources and advice will be provided for continued reference to assist you in supporting your child.

What is sensory processing?

Sensory processing is the process of taking in information from the world around us, making sense of that information and using it to act and respond in an appropriate manner.  Information about our own body and the world is gathered from the 7 senses.

  • Touch (Tactile)
  • Movement (Vestibular)
  • Body position (Proprioception)
  • Sight (Vision)
  • Sound (Auditory)
  • Smell (Olfactory)
  • Taste (Gustatory)

What are the signs of sensory processing difficulties?

Everyone has some sensory processing difficulties now and then, because no one is well regulated all the time, however for some individuals sensory processing difficulties can have a significant impact on their daily life. For example,

  • Overly responsive to touch, sights or sounds
  • Under responsive to movement, sights or touch
  • Difficulties in organising and carrying out everyday activities

How can I attend a parent/carer sensory workshop?

Health or education professionals that work with your child, such as a paediatrician or teacher may recommend that you attend a sensory workshop.  They will provide you with an information leaflet and a referral form, for you to complete and send to the Occupational Therapy team.  Or alternatively, you can contact the Occupational Therapy team directly to request a referral form be sent out to you.

Once we have received your completed referral form, the Occupational Therapists will confirm whether a sensory workshop is appropriate and your child will be placed on a waiting list for you to attend a parent/carer workshop.  An invitation letter will be sent when a place becomes available.  Please note, children should NOT be brought to sensory workshops.

The Occupational Therapy team may contact you when they have received your referral form if they need more information, or feel that a sensory workshop would not be appropriate at this time.  

What happens after I attend a sensory workshop?

Following your attendance at a parent/carer sensory workshop, your child will be discharged from the sensory pathway. 

There will be opportunities for further advice and support from the Occupational Therapy team should you need it, following attendance at the workshop.


  • To download a copy of our Sensory Service information leaflet please click here.
  • To download a copy of our Sensory Service referral form please click here.

Information on sensory resources coming soon.

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