Pain Service

Pain Service

painbusters.jpegOur pain service cares for patients with pain related to injuries, operations, tests, procedures and medical conditions.

It is important for children to be able to tell us when they are in pain and how much pain they are in, and we have worked hard to give all of our patients an effective way to communicate this to us. 

Our services

The pain service:

  • Sees children on infusions or epidurals for pain control due to a medical condition, operation or accident
  • Provides pain management support and training to colleagues around the hospital
  • Supports our hospital play specialists who help distract children during painful procedures
  • Organises clinic sessions for procedural pain management

Chronic Pain Service

Within the Pain Service at Alder Hey, there is a multidisciplinary chronic pain service, that includes clinical psychology and physiotherapy. Click the below links to view relevant information: 

Useful resources for patients and families

Chronic pain service during the COVID-19 pandemic

Painbusting – a useful guide for the whole family

You can download Painbusters, a cartoon guide to pain relief at Alder Hey. It's designed for the whole family and you can read about how we can measure pain, how we can manage pain, the types of pain medicine we use, and some special pain-relieving techniques we can use after surgery.

Contact us

  • You can call the Pain Service office directly on 0151 252 5003
  • You can call the Anaesthesia office directly on 0151 252 5223
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