Oncology/Haematology Pharmacy Service

Oncology/Haematology Pharmacy Service

Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust is a Principal Treatment Centre (PTC) treating children and teenagers with cancer. 

The PTC works in collaboration with a network of local shared care hospitals called Paediatric Oncology Shared Care Units (POSCUs) so that appropriate elements of treatment and supportive care can be given closer to the patient’s home.
The Pharmacy Department at Alder Hey is responsible for all medicines produced and dispensed to outpatients, day patients and inpatients.

Our pharmacists and technical staff

Ward 3B has a dedicated pharmacy service provided by pharmacy staff based on the ward. 
The pharmacists on Ward 3B specialise in the treatment of children and teenagers with cancer. They work as part of the clinical team and have developed detailed knowledge of the medicines used in the treatment of cancer.
They are responsible for ensuring that correct medicines are prescribed, devising and supervising treatment protocols for patients and providing information about medicines to staff and patients.
Pharmacy technicians and assistants play a vital role working alongside the pharmacists. They prepare and dispense medicines under the supervision of a pharmacist. Many of the medicines dispensed are unusual or not readily available and these are prepared by the technical staff.  

Clinical Oncology/Haematology Pharmacy Service

Pharmacists and technicians work as part of the clinical team on 3B. 
As experts in medicines, the main focus of the role involves applying our extensive pharmaceutical knowledge to ensure that medicines are used in the most effective and appropriate way. 
As soon as possible after admission a member of the Pharmacy Team will visit you/your child and clarify any medication history and allergies. With your permission, we may contact your GP, Community Pharmacy or other relevant healthcare provider for further information. The medicines you have brought in with you will be assessed, any additional medicines supplied. We will check the suitability of the medicines.  
Managing patients’ medicines involves pharmacists checking prescriptions to ensure that the right medication is being used at the right dose for the right condition. All chemotherapy prescriptions are checked by a pharmacist before a dose is given.  Medicine safety is of paramount importance so part of our role involves regularly checking you/your child’s medicines during your admission and monitoring of the patient's condition by ensuring the necessary checks, such as blood tests, are performed.
We can help you/your child understand what medicines they need to take, when to take them, what they are being used for and what possible side effects may occur. When patients are unable to take their medicines for any reason, we can help find ways around the problem e.g. using liquids rather than tablets. 
Clinical trials are a core part of the way care is delivered for children with cancer, 
We work closely with the clinical team to undertake clinical trials making sure that we help to develop new treatments for children and teenagers with cancer. Treatments that are given as part of a clinical trial need to be carefully controlled. Our pharmacists’ responsibilities include ensuring any clinical trial medicine is stored and dispensed correctly and in line with the law. The pharmacists review the latest procedures and explain the correct use and storage of the medication to other health professionals.

The Satellite Pharmacy

This Satellite Pharmacy is responsible for preparing and providing medicines for patients attending 3B (day case, in-patients and some out-patient clinics). It does not provide medicines that need to be made in extremely clean conditions e.g. intravenous chemotherapy. These are provided by Aseptic Services insert hyper link to Aseptic services 

Outpatient Clinic 

Opening times: 8.45am - 1.15pm, Wednesday and Thursday mornings only.
Only when you arrive at the Satellite Pharmacy after your consultation can we start to prepare (dispense) your prescription. The pharmacist checks that the dosage of medicine prescribed is correct for your child’s age and cancer treatment protocol. The dispensing of medicines for patients with cancer can be a complex process. A call back system is available so that families can leave Ward 3B whilst dispensing takes place. 

Daycase and Inpatients 

Opening times: 8.45am – 5pm (closed 1.15pm to 2pm), Monday to Friday. 

Meet the team:


Ward Based Specialist Clinical Pharmacists



Senior Oncology Pharmacist, Development 

Elizabeth Evans

Ex 3778  Bleep 503

Specialist Paediatric Pharmacists – Oncology Haematology

Samiah Awan

Jennifer Leeming

Ex 3777 Bleep 177

Satellite Pharmacy



Ward-based Pharmacy Technician

Lisa Durkin

Ex 4860

Ward based Assistant Technical Officer         

Sonja Gilbert  

Ex 4861

Specialist Clinical Pharmacists



Principal Oncology pharmacist, Team Leader  

Caroline Osborne

Ex 4642

Senior Oncology Clinical Trial Pharmacist

Julia Hitchin

EX 4641

Senior Oncology Pharmacist ChemoCare Lead/Prescriber         

Felicity Heard

Ex 3781

Advanced Oncology/Haematology Pharmacist - Electronic prescribing and Daycase

Leigh Briscoe 

Ex 3781

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