Community Physiotherapy - North Sefton

Community Physiotherapy - North Sefton


COVID-19 Service Update

Dear parents,

We have had to make some important changes to our service provision, due to current COVID 19 restrictions.

  • Telephone and video consultations - All follow up appointments are now done via telephone or video consultations. A therapist from our team will contact you to discuss your child’s therapy management plan. We can send exercise plans and advice to you via email.
  • New referrals - All new referrals are triaged and will receive a telephone consultation.
  • Reports - We will continue to provide therapy updates and reports via post and email for Health and Education Plans (HEP), EHAT meetings and Child Protection meetings.

Critical Service Provision

This service is in place for a small cohort of patients identified to be in need of urgent respiratory input and risk of acute deterioration.

This category will also include any new referrals identified as critical following telephone consultation, post-operative patients and any sudden acquired impairments/ trauma.

We aim to provide these children with:

  • Teaching / training for self-management
  • Prophylactic (preventative) intervention (if identified as ‘at risk’)
  • Active intervention / input for symptoms as necessary.

Contact details

We would like to assure all of our patients and families that you can contact us for any queries by calling our office as normal, you may have to leave a message but these are regularly checked and we will get back to you.

We would love to hear how our children are getting on with their home exercise programs.

You can follow community physio on Twitter @south_seftonpt @AHNorthSefton

Additional Information

Please note that other departments like orthotics and wheelchair services are also changing their service provision. We advise you to ring them in advance, to discuss repair / provision as necessary. Contact numbers can be found below:

Orthotics - 0151 252 5318

Wheelchair services – 0151 529 3033

Community Equipment stores - 0151 288 6208

Alder Hey COVID-19 hotline

Call 0151 282 4907 or email

Please visit the Alder Hey COVID-19 Information Hub for up to date information regarding COVID symptoms, frequently asked questions, mental health resources and home schooling information for parents

The North Sefton Community Children's Physiotherapy service covers a wide range of conditions including respiratory, neurology and musculoskeletal difficulties in differing environments.

The service provides assessment, diagnosis, treatment, equipment, practical advice and support to children and young people with a wide range of conditions to promote maximum recovery and independance. The service also provides advice and support to children and young people's carers and families.

The team have specialist knowledge in:

  • Holistic child development
  • The range of child specific medical conditions and disabilities
  • The ability to recognise a-typical development and offer a range of interventions and options

By ensuring appropriate and timely information, advice, assessment, intervention, review and equipment provision they can reduce the risk of long-term health problems for children.

We see patients from Monday to Friday, 8.30am-5pm (excluding bank holidays).

Contact us

We are based at the Children's Centre in Southport:

Sefton North Community Children's Physiotherapy Team 
Children's Centre 
52 Hoghton Street 

You can also call us on 01704 395 895 and our fax number is 01704 395 880.

How we work

Community Respiratory Service

Who do we see?

Respiratory physiotherapy may be needed by babies, children or young people with:

  • A long term respiratory condition such as Cystic Fibrosis, Immunodeficiency
  • Complex needs who are prone to chest infections
Where will we see you?

We see babies, children and young people in their local community either at home or in nursery or school.

What do we do?

We develop individual chest management plans with the patient and families to help prevent chest infections and reduce attendance and admission into hospital. We work closely with our colleagues in the medical and physiotherapy respiratory teams at our Alder Hey site to promote optimal care. We also work closely with your child’s school to ensure that they can also support the chest management plan.

How can we help?

We have many different skills to help us, for example:

  • Breathing exercises
  • Respiratory adjuncts/devices
  • Postural drainage
  • Manual techniques
  • Exercise
  • Cough assist machine
  • Advice and education
  • Relaxation
How do we help to improve quality of life for the whole family?

We work closely with the patients and families to develop shared goals aimed at promoting optimal function and improving quality of life. Strategies for managing acute respiratory symptoms, as well as long term management plans, are put into place. We support you in your local community in managing day to day respiratory symptoms and also help in preventing recurrent attendance and admissions to hospital.

We educate and advise children and young people with long term respiratory problems, and their families and carers, about airway clearance and exercise. We will teach you about the different techniques and equipment that can be used, as well as help you to manage your day to day treatment dependent on your activity level and whether or not you have any symptoms.

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