Alder Hey SCORE project

*PLEASE NOTE* We are no longer accepting new patients onto the project


A project for children with asthma aged 6-16 years.

Alder Hey are offering children fun and free afterschool activities in a range of venues across Liverpool including West Derby, Toxteth, Walton, Anfield, Kirkby and Wavertree. The more activities that are attended the more rewards you will receive. There are also weekend and holiday activity camps available. You can bring a friend or sibling to the activities.

Activities include:

  •   yoga
  •   dance
  •   multi-sports
  •   football
  •   dodgeball
  •   learning an instrument
  •   singing/rapping
  •   Cycling

Rewards include:

  • Free days out such as Alton Towers, Knowlsey safari park,
  • Free events such as climbing walls, football zorbing, bowling and cinema

This innovative one year project is the chance of a life time to improve your asthma control through fun activities and get rewarded for your engagement.  You will have access to a highly specialized multidisciplinary Alder Hey team comprising of a consultant, physiotherapist, pharmacist, psychologist, nurse and therapy assistant. The sports coaches are trained to recognize and manage asthma symptoms early.

The project aims to reduce asthma attacks, improve general fitness and empower children and families to have control of their asthma management.

Alder Hey are working with Liverpool FC Foundation,yogaLittle Yogis Yoga, ComMutual FireFit, Merseyside dance Initiative and music therapy.

The project is funded by the Health Foundation.

Quotes from patients:

“It’s a very good place to go”
“I’d give it a 10/10”
“you make friends”
“it’s very fun to go there”

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Service Details


Various around Liverpool including Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation Trust, Eaton Road, Liverpool, L12 2AP. See our 'Getting to Alder Hey' section here.

Alder Hey Children's Hospital NHS Trust

Service Type:
Sport & fitness

What groups of people is this for?
Young people

What areas of the city is this for?
People from anywhere in the city

Can I join?
Yes if you are aged 6-16 years old and have asthma and are able to travel to activities in Liverpool. The closing date for joining is the 31st Oct 2018.

How can I access this service?
 Self referral via email to 

When is this service open?
General enquiries are answered between 8am-4pm, Monday to Friday

How much will it cost me?

Social media:
Find us on Facebook and Twitter Please provide the links

Council Area:

The following documents related to this service are available for download:

Alder Hey SCORE project poster (click to download)
Alder Hey Children's Charity
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