Sefton ADHD/ASD Children's Service

Sefton ADHD/ASD Children's Service

Sefton Community

Our service is for families requiring advice, support and intervention for children and young people from 0-19 years who have a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Our Specialist Nurse will offer an Initial assessment/reassessment after referral which will assist families in understanding the need of their child following diagnosis. this will be either a telephone consultation or in a clinic setting. If further intervention is identified one of the team will support the child/young person and families with personalised strategies. This might include behaviour management or help to improve the child’s emotional wellbeing. 

Access criteria

We support children and young people up to the age of 19 years.  The child or young person must have a confirmed diagnosis of ADHD or ASD which has been given by a Paediatrician or Psychiatrist and be registered with a Sefton GP.

Parents/carers are required to Opt In to the service once before an initial assessment is offered. Children/young people not receiving intervention from the service are discharged and will remain under the care of universal services. Once discharged a new referral is then required.

Please note: We are not commissioned to support Educational concerns.


Referrals are received from Community Paediatricians, CAMHS, School Health, Health Visitors, other Health Professionals, Social Care, Education and Voluntary Sector. Referral forms can be requested by contacting the team by telephone.

Parents/ carers can refer their child back in to the service by contacting the service by telephone provided they have had an initial assessment by one of the Specialist Nurses.

Where to find us

The Team

We are a small team consisting of 2 Specialist Nurses, 3 Behaviour Support Practitioners and 1 Administrator.

Lead person for enquiries

Name: Helen McCarthy
Job Title: Specialist Nurse
Tel: 01704 395720

We will continue to support our children/young people and their families during this difficult time.  Please use the following telephone number to contact the team for any advice or support 07814299025.

Request a repeat prescription

Contact Us


  • Neurodisability Clinic - 0151 252 5972
  • South Liverpool Treatment Centre - Odette Corfe: 0151 252 5139
  • Mere Lane Clinic - Jan Wilson: 0151 252 5140 or Megan Storey: 0151 252 5503


  • May Logan Clinic - 0151 252 5195 or : 0151 293 3565
  • Southport Clinic - 0151 293 3524


  • St Chads/North Huyton Clinics - Susie Maher: 0151 252 5120
  • North Huyton/Childwall Clinics - Emma Jessop: 0151 293 3570

ASD Diagnostic Team

ADHD Diagnostic & Medication Management Team

STAT Team (Looked After Children/Adoption/EHCP)

  • Lynn McIntyre: 0151 252 5122
  • Helen Ali: 0151 293 3344
  • Maureen McColl: 0151 252 5814



  • Claire Bowen: 0151 293 3648


  • Danielle Kenyon: 0151 252 5337

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