SDR Inpatient Stay

SDR Inpatient Stay

What ward are SDR inpatients in?

4a is the neurosurgical ward. The nursing staff will undertake a medical assessment to ensure your child is well enough for the surgery.

An x-ray of your child’s lower back will be taken to identify the surgical site.  We also provide a pre op wash to keep the risk of infection to a minimum when carrying out surgery.

Your child will be washed using this the night before surgery and on the morning of surgery. A medication called Gabapentin is prescribed to help with pain that may occur after the nerves are cut. This is given three times a day and will start before surgery.

Miss Pettorini will visit you and your child on ward 4a to consent for surgery.  The anaesthetist will come and speak to you about looking after your child whilst they are asleep. Your child will be nursed in ward 4a HDU post operatively and then will be moved to the general part of the ward when appropriate.

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One family member will be allowed to stay overnight. Parent/other family members can be accommodated at Ronald Macdonald House, should they meet the requirements. Parents can be on the ward with their child throughout the day. Visiting times for any other visitors are 14:30 to 19:30.

Once your child is medically fit for discharge, usually one week post-surgery, we will provide you and your family with accommodation at Ronald McDonald House and your child will continue with Physiotherapy on a daily basis for week 2 and week 3.

However, it will be discussed in clinic with the consultant, Miss Pettorini and Chris Sneade (Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist), whether the accommodation is suitable for your child. Physiotherapy equipment will be provided in Ronald McDonald House for you to continue your child’s physiotherapy programme.

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