SDR Physiotherapy

SDR Physiotherapy

When a date for surgery has been identified our Specialist Physiotherapists will begin planning your child’s pre and post-operative therapy needs.

An appointment will be offered 6-8 weeks prior to surgery to review your child’s current abilities and provide advice and physiotherapy input as required before surgery.  A joint session with the local therapy team will be offered at this time. Your child will be measured for leg gaiters and resting splints during this time.

As children may continue to make progress over a 2 year period following an SDR, a long-term commitment to following a physiotherapy programme, supported by regular physical activity, is important.

Following surgery your child will spend two days recovering and resting in preparation for sitting up on day three. Our physiotherapy team will reintroduce a range of strengthening and motion exercises. Physiotherapy intervention will be specific to your child’s individual needs, but will include strengthening and task focused activity.

Use of a standing frame on a daily basis will commence in the first week of rehabilitation.  Children who are able to walk will have repeat gait analysis in the second week following surgery, which will help to ensure they have the correct splint prescription. New splints will be cast for if required. 

Your child will have input from the physiotherapy team for up to 3 weeks following surgery, which may include hydrotherapy in the third week. Your child will be discharged with a personalised exercise programme to be completed daily, until you see your community physiotherapist.  Participation in an activity or structured exercise is necessary each day following the operation.

We will also schedule Physiotherapy outpatient appointments at Alder Hey to review your child’s progress at 3, 6, 12 and 24 months after surgery.  We will continue to communicate closely with your child’s local team. For some children additional interventions may be needed, eg. orthopaedic surgery , and  referral will be made to the services required.

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