Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care

The spiritual care service is based in the Sanctuary, which is located in the lower floor of the treehouse in the atrium.

As well as the main Sanctuary prayer space, we have a quiet room where families and staff members may reflect or pray in peace, and Ablution facilities for those who may require them.

Normal office operating hours are 9am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday; although access to both the Sanctuary and the Quiet room is available 24/7. The team also provides 24/7 emergency on call which can be accessed by asking a staff member to contact switchboard.

The Spiritual Care team consists of two full time staff – Dave Williams and Fiona Lyons – together with other staff who contribute to the provision of 24/7 cover, and a number of trained Spiritual Care volunteers.

Our multi-faith services

Members of the team are available to speak to anybody, whether or not they profess any religious or spiritual belief. We are most certainly not just here for people who go to church, for people who are ‘religious’.

We can also assist those of other faiths, who have differing worship needs, and we are happy to act as a link to representatives of other faiths and denominations when they are needed.

  • The sanctuary has religious symbols and information representing different faith groups to ensure that it is a welcoming area for all faiths to pray.
  • For those of the Jewish faith, some Siddurim and Kippot are available
  • For those of the Muslim faith, a purpose-built ablution facility can be found in the Sanctuary, the Qibla direction is marked and copies of the Quran and prayer mats are available. On Fridays, some members of the Muslim faith gather together for prayers at approximately 1pm.
  • For those of the Sikh faith, the Sacred Nitnem and the Holy Sukhmani Sahib Gutkas are available

Prayer requests and Candle lighting requests are always welcomed from anyone and everyone, and the Prayer Tree within the Sanctuary is there for all patients, families and staff to use in order to communicate their prayers and pleas.

In response to requests, Candles are lit every day at noon during the working week and everyone is welcome to join with us for this short time of prayer.

We are always happy to discuss services of baptism or to offer blessing as requested by families, to pray with patients, and to support families in their time of spiritual need.

We can be contacted by asking a staff member to page us through the hospital switchboard, by calling ext 2465, or by visiting the Sanctuary.

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