Our top tips for your child coming into hospital

Our top tips for your child coming into hospital

It can be stressful preparing for a visit to hospital. That's why we've put together this list of tips for you and your child when coming to Alder Hey to help make the process that little bit easier.

‘As calm as YOU are

Is as calm as they`ll be’

1. Always explain to your child why they are visiting / admission to hospital.

2. Always be honest and open with your child.

3. Practice calmness, anxiety is contagious.

4. Talk through the experience, children are anxious because they don’t know what to expect.

5. Purchase a doctors and nurses hospital kit to help relieve any anxieties and become familiar with some medical equipment.

6. If possible arrange a visit to the hospital ward to have a look around.

7. Choose a special toy or comfort item to take with you to the hospital.

8. Take a photograph of a special person or a pet with you.

9. Read stories about coming into hospital with your child for example,

I don’t want to go to hospital by Tony Ross

Topsy and Tim go to hospital by Jean & Gareth Adamson

Both books available from Amazon

10. Pack a favourite activity, games, books etc.

11. Choose some pyjamas together to take with you.

Should you need any further help or guidance please contact our play specialist team

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