Tissue Viability Service

Tissue Viability Service

The Tissue Viability service provides specialist advice and support to healthcare professionals who are managing acute and complex wounds within the hospital care setting and community care setting.

The nurse- lead team works in partnership with patients, their parents/carers and healthcare professionals to provide expert wound care advice, specialist healthcare equipment and education that is aimed at preventing skin damage.

The team aim to improve and support high standard of practice through clinical consultation, regular audits, development of guidelines, policies and flowchart by delivering formal educational training to healthcare professionals.

Tissue Viability Specialist Nursing Team cover the service Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm.

Looking after your child`s skin integrity during their Hospital stay

Our skin is the most important barrier against infection, so we need to look after it carefully. Sometimes, for a variety of reasons people who are unwell develop pressure ulcers. They can be very painful and can lead to complications. Most people think that pressure ulcers only affect older people, but this is not true.

At Alder Hey, we recognise that children can develop pressure ulcers too, so we have changed the way we work to reduce the chance of our patients developing pressure ulcers.  

We have an information leaflet available which you can access using a QR code when on site. Alternatively, you can view the leaflet by clicking the below link.

Contact us


Level 2C Tissue Viability

Liverpool L12 2AP


Meet the Team

Tissue Viability Team.jpg

Jansy Williams - Lead Tissue Viability Specialist 

Hayley Phillips - Tissue Viability Specialist nurse

Jade Gillbanks - Tissue Viability Support Nurse


If you have general query about dressing, treatment pathways, equipment etc, email tissue viability team at tissueviability@alderhey.nhs.uk.

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