Thank you to all the staff of ward 3a for taking such good care of Emma Whitney and making her better again. All the staff were wonderful. The professionalism of everyone gave me total confidence Emma was in the safest hands.
steph : frank

My son is currently under the care of Mr. David Wright and his team. Luke has cerebral palsy and has just received botox treatment. Luke is usually very anxious and panicky as to what is planned for him but Mr. David Wright isn`t just a brilliant surgeon but is also very good with children, my son is kept calm and cheerful, Luke always looks forward to visiting him. I am always kept upto date with plans for Luke and David Wright`s secretary is always very helpful when I feel the need to ring up for anything. Luke`s treatment is ongoing, I know he`s in very good hands of some very fine people, thank you to all. Not to forget to mention, the gait analysis team and orthotics too.
Donna : Ashton in Makerfield

My Son Jack has been receiving phenomenal care from the Neurological surgical team/ward 4a and also the Oncology team. Special thanks to Mr Connor Malucci, Dawn, all the staff on 4a, Dr James Hayden and Nicky Thorp in Oncology and the entire team. we cant thank you enough for all your help and support. You are all amazing people. THANK YOU !
Gaynor, Wirral

i had 12 of my teeth removed and had dentures put on the 7th december 2016 the staff was amazing. the people who did them were someone named Dr. r Llewelyn and jess i saw jess more than Dr Llewelyn but they both was kind and they looked after me. I cant thank the staff enough. I now have a beautiful smile. Thank you
Selina Houghton, st helens

Today 5th Jan my grandaughter had dental surgery at the day care unit I would like to thank nursing staff porters reception staff for there kindness and care The domestic staff who do a great job the hospital is very clean a pleasure to visit
Joan griffin Bury Manchester

I can never thank alder hey enough, they saved my beautiful now 6 year old daughter Enya Jacqueline. She had open heart surgery and we always say Prem the surgeon put magic dust in her when operating because she is so healthy and crazy. Liverpool will always have a place in our hearts. thank you all xx
Mena, Mansfield

Huge thanks to all in Cardiology- namely Dr Lim and all of the team. my son, James had Kawasaki disease at 10 weeks old which left him with two large aneurysms in his coronary arteries. He's now 5 and the team in cardiology have monitored his progress, putting us all at ease at every stage of treatment. After frequent visits and stays, we now have 18 months before the next stage of treatment -we're so happy, we skipped out of there last week. Thank you all x
Laura, North Wales

****i attended alderhey yearly for 5 years for a review of my daughters clicky hip. Sue Saville oversaw my daughters care and remembered us year after year. Sue, you are a special person. Thank you for such personal, warm and professional help. Your approach was so caring and genuine and I will always be grateful. With love.
Laura, Liverpool

A 10 year old boy dangerously ill being raced by ambulance to Alder Hey where he was immediately operated on. He was to spend 6 weeks in ward E.3.with acute peritonitis and pneumonia and 6 weeks in out- patience while a shunt in his belly exuded the putrid poison from his system. I was that little boy in 1948 and I have always been grateful to Alder Hey and ‘though belatedly, I’d like to thank all those who cared for me there, from the lowly day workers up to the late great childrens surgeon Miss Isabella Forshall. It was the luckiest day of my life when her star crossed mine and I have enjoyed nearly 70 years of life since that fateful ride in that Ambulance. I must also be thankful for the wonder drug penicillin, which until then had only recently come available to civilians.
Frank of Creswick Victoria Australia

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the staff in the Regional Vascular Anomalies Service, especially Laser Sister Carla Gleave and Laser Nurse Lynn James who have been absolutely amazing in treating our little girl’s haemangioma. After a terrifying experience in September, Carla and Lynn have not only looked after our baby but us as well. Their professionalism, care and cuddles have meant so much to us all. We still have a little way to go but we know that we are in the best hands. Thank you so much Carla and Lynn.
Nina's Mum and Dad - Middleton

I would very much like to thank the staff on reception After my visit today. I had to deliver an important form to a department in building 1, which I couldn't find. One of the assistance staff, an 83 year old lady (I didn't catch her name) went above and beyond to help me. She walked me quite a long distance in the rain to make sure I got to the right place. She is a credit to your team. Thank you

My son has TGA and VSD, iv never met such wonderful staff and a brilliant hospital that takes care of many many patients. It was hard being in the hospital not being able to bond with my son, but i had a lot of support from the staff and also family. My son was a week old when he had his op, i cried and cried but the staff was so helpful and was always there for me-Special Care Unit staff was amazing, the surgical staff was brilliant and they saved my little boy, without them i wouldn't have my son by my side and I'm so thankful for that. The staff on ward 1c was amazing too. we have regular check ups with his Dr, (dr Johnson) brilliant dr towards Daniel.
Toni - St.Helens

Nikki Sandford in the orthodontic department is quite simply superb. He has dealt superbly with my daughter who can be very difficult due to having Aspergers and made every effort to put her in control throughout the whole procedure and prior appointments. When there was an appointment problem his secretary listened to the issue and was able to resolve it putting the needs of my daughter first. I can’t thank him and his team enough for making what could have been a very traumatic day a “walk in the park.”
Mrs Byrne Liverpool

A massive thank you to Nikki Mackett, Rebecca and Cathy from the Haemotology team for being a constant support to my daughter Matilda who has spherocytosis. You do an amazing job!! As hard the constant blood test and transfusions are for Matilda she is always happy to come here because of how kind and wonderful you all are. Thanks a million xx
Lorna Ward 3B

Nearly 7 months ago I had a 2 part brain surgery here, amazing staff on ward 4a was fabulous during my 3 week stay, a massive thankyou to Andrea mclaren my epilepsy nurse, Ben cooper, Dr. Iyer and most of all Sasha burns my surgeon, you've given me a life I never thought I'd have
Olivia, Manchester

Hi my little girl sadie was in alder hey for 3 months following her arrival in June 2016. We already were aware of her heart condition before her arrival. Since being at alder hey she has had surgery on her heart and unfortunately suffered complications as a result of the heart operation meaning she required further surgery on her bowel. I cannot thank enough her surgeons who were ram who carried out the heart surgery send Dr Colin Baille who carried out her 2 bowel operations. You have saved my daughters life - thank you to the fantastic staff on ICU and the cardiac ward. You will never know the gratitude we have for you. Michelle and Dan parents to Sadie O
Michelle and dan

I would like to say a big thankyou to Laura in the Phlebotomy department. She put my son at ease and took the blood sample quickly and as pain free as possible. As always the staff were amazing, I am so thankful that they are available to treat my son.
Julie - Northwich

Many thanks to all the staff at AlderHey where my grandson spent the first eight weeks of his life which required him to undergo extensive procedures. A special thank you to Fiona in the chaplancy team who was able to support the baby's parents when I was unable to be there with them at a very stressful time; Initially had difficulty in locating "The Sanctuary" as I asked to visit the "prayer room" feel is not the best description for a "chaplancy unit;"

Thank you to everyone on ward 4C who helped put a smile back on my baby boys face. Although I'm grateful for everyone from the Staff in radiology, to the caterers, to the staff who work in the labs, a few staff stood out to me & I would like to give them a mention Marie from domestics, Dr O'Connor, Cara, Martin, Leah & Amy the Student nurse & a mention to the very polite Chris in the pink shirt down on the ground floor. Although Anakin has still got to have more test, it's great to see him smile, play & more importantly eat again.
Laura, Anakin's mum Liverpool

Had our first check up at the new site yesterday. My son calls Alder hey "batman hospital" as he loved the large Batman in the cardiac area. He was a little nervous being somewhere new but as soon as he saw batman had made the move too he was so pleased. As always all the staff were wonderful, friendly and great with kids. We'll forever be thankful to all the amazing staff at alder hey for taking such great care of Luca before, during and after his heart surgery.
Nina, Knutsford

Alder Hey Children's Charity
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