Wongs Jewellery Launch Media Pack

Wongs Jewellery Launch Media Pack

Find out more about the patients modelling the jewellery below.

Bethan and Oliver

Alder hey Photo shoot 023 - Bethan and Oliver.JPG

Siblings 10 year old Bethan and 6 year old Oliver both have Cystic Fibrosis (CF).

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a genetic condition that affects mostly the lungs, but can also affect the pancreas, liver, kidneys, and intestine. A build-up of sticky mucus on the lungs can cause frequent lung infections and hospital stays. To manage the condition, Bethan and Oliver need to take 30-40 tablets every day along with other drugs, have regular physio and exercise,  and control what they eat. The risk of passing bugs to each other means that they can’t interact with other children with the same condition. Bethan spent the whole of last summer in Alder Hey due to a lung infection. She has had four hospital stays in the last year but is currently doing well. Despite their daily struggles, they are fun loving siblings that love to do the same stuff as other children their ages. Bethan loves spending times with friends and her new high school, and Oliver is chatty and currently enjoys creating superhero accessories! Mum and Dad said “We are so proud of Bethan and Oliver; they take everything in their stride and are fantastic children.”




Alder hey Photo shoot 088 - Esme.JPG

9 year old Esme from Crosby has complex needs. Esme is predominantly fed through a feeding tube and often uses a wheel chair as she gets tired very quickly.

Esme is learning to manage her condition and energy levels so she has more time to play. Mum Natalie said “Esme really is a superstar. She doesn’t let her condition hold her back from doing the things she loves; she lives for horse-riding. Her two big brothers really look after her and her friends and her school are very supportive.’ Esme is an integral member of the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital children’s forum, helping to make sure that children and young peoples’ voices get heard when big decisions are made at Alder Hey. When Esme is older she wants to be an author of murder mysteries. We can’t wait for her first novel!


Maisy 4.JPG

7 year old Maisy from Ellesmere Port in Cheshire was born with PHPV and cataracts.

Persistent hyperplastic primary vitreous (PHPV)is a rare congenital developmental anomaly of the eye that can cause severe vision problems. Maisy has had 10 surgeries so far to help manage her condition and has medication daily to keep the pressures in her eyes stable. Maisy doesn’t let any of this hold her back. She loves to go swimming and read and wants to be a teacher when she’s older. Maisy’s mum Leanne said “Maisy doesn’t have the sight we prayed for when she was a little baby but that hasn’t stopped her becoming the confident and happy child she is. Maisy has spent a lot of her young life in and out of hospital but has never complained once. She has a brilliant relationship with all her doctors and nurses and has had the most wonderful care since day one, and loves fundraising for Alder Hey!”

Media Assets

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